Kandal Market in Phnom Penh

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Kandal Market is a genuine local market that is located in the center of Phnom Penh close to Riverside. The Khmer name of the market is Phsar Kandal which translates to “market in the middle” or “central market”, not to be confused with the “real” Central Market, Phsar Thmei.

Kandal Market in Phnom Penh

Kandal Market in Phnom Penh

The Kandal Market is near where the riverside and the Wat Ounalom are located. The market which is an impressive two block size is divided by a narrow alley and has two areas, an indoor area and an outdoor area. The building for the indoor area was completed in 1990 while the outdoor area has been open for business since the Khmer Rouge were defeated in 1979. This market truly serves the daily needs of the Cambodians. Souvenirs for your family and friends at home are not available at this market.

The Kandal Market Phnom Penh may not look very interesting from the outside but once you made the decision to explore the market you will not be disappointed. It is especially interesting in the morning hours when you will see typical Cambodians purchasing their fresh groceries for the day. Many Cambodians do still not use refrigeration so goods are bought and consumed the same day. The scenes where you buy your goods at home and they buy theirs are indeed a contrast! The vendors sell freshly picked fruits and vegetables usually on the outer areas of the market while the inside area of the Kandal Market has all sorts of meats spread out on wooden benches and tables in the open air. This meat would have been slaughtered the night before on the outskirts of Phnom Penh. The fish and the seafood are brought to the market alive – and often sold alive also. For those who haven’t had their breakfast yet are plenty of exotic local dishes available. In the center of the market near the alley are lines of local restaurants. A simple rice or noodle meal costs only $2. As always at Cambodian markets the hygiene standards are not as high as you will be used to! If you have a weak stomach you should forgo and eat in the restaurants on the riverside which are used to meeting western standards.

We suggest you visit the market around 08:00am to 09:30am in the morning to get the most out of it. This is the coolest time of day and also very active and interesting. Schedule for your visit at least 30 minutes so you can explore the main areas. Take your time to watch the shop owners while they work their wares. Watching them prepare their foods for sale is often very interesting. They are great photo and video opportunities and nobody at home will believe it without this proof! They will not be annoyed by a foreigner showing interest in what they doing.

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