Ho Chi Minh and things you cannot miss

As a person has been living in Ho Chi Minh or Saigon for long time, I can tell you some places which are not as popular as famous tourist attractions. It means your experience will be so real and closer with Vietnamese local lifestyle. So what to see in Ho Chi Minh City of Vietnam?

Binh Tay Market - Internet

Binh Tay Market – Internet

  1. Ben Thanh Market is too downtown and full of foreigners? Go to Binh Tay Market

This is a wholesale market where the stuff are generally cheaper than Ben Thanh market in the city as less tourists come here. It is kind of historical Chinese market with some temples inside. If you visiting without reading about its history and background, it will appears just like another massive market. I won’t make you bore by telling its history, but this is worth a visit as you can see a typical Vietnamese market where you can get practically anything that you need in daily life. Moreover, food court will surprise you with cheap price, unforgettable taste of street foods.

  1. Don’t know what to see in thousands of Vietnamese traditional art performances? Water Puppet is a great choice

In Ho Chi Minh City, you can go to The Golden Dragon Water Puppet Theater, Vietnam History Museum, or Thao Dien Village to see water puppet but the best option is The Golden Dragon Water Puppet Theater since it is downtown and has the best performance. Water puppetry is considered as intangible culture of Vietnamese. Water is stage, actors are puppets which are controlled by artists standing behind the curtain. The theme of the play concentrates on the daily life of rural people and folklores that are imparted from generation to generation. Above all, water puppetry created a relaxing space for rural citizens in the past; both watching and playing water puppetry was a good way for the local to entertain, escaping from their daily worries and hardworking life.

Vietnam Water Puppet

Vietnam Water Puppet – Internet

  1. Among so many points about wars, you don’t know where to go, Cu Chi tunnel is the most outstanding place

Cu Chi tunnel is a famous historical revolution as well as a unique structure spreads more than 200km. This is a tunnel system deep underground, as complex as a spider web. Especially, many stories about this narrow tunnel is used for accommodation, meeting rooms, studying, training…in the war period. You will have chance to learn about weapons, how to use them, how to make them or even try to shoot a gun.

  1. Are you a coffee lover? Don’t go to luxury places just to try Vietnamese coffee, Try “Cafe Bet” – Saigon street coffee style

What is it? “Bet” means seat on the ground. This is kind of enjoying Vietnamese coffee in a very cheap and casual way of young Vietnamese. You can see a lot of boys or girls in smart-casual attire gather under the big tropical trees of central Reunification Park, in the shadow of Notre Dame or 2 busiest roads like Le Duan or Pasteur. Instead of tables and chairs, students lay newspaper or cardboard on the grass or bare concrete. They sit in groups – small and large – talking and laughing constantly, some playing acoustic guitars, others singing. One of the great things about Cafe Bệt is that you can easily join in the fun: just buy a drink and a snack from one of the vendors, lay down some newspaper and take a seat on the ground. The coffee or any street food available here cost only half of a dollars.

Ho Chi Minh Cafe Bet - Internet

Ho Chi Minh Cafe Bet – Internet

  1. Book lovers, here is exactly what you are looking for: Nguyen Van Binh Book Street right in the downtown of Ho Chi Minh City

Located next to Notre Dame Cathedral and the City Post Office in District 1, Nguyen Van Binh Book Street is the destination of book lovers and reading culture. This is very first complex road of Vietnam was built with open spaces, free to visit and enjoy the reading culture of Saigon-ers. The street gathers almost biggest Vietnamese book publishers and their book stores with the latest edits. Furthermore, some booths are for used books or old ones from 20th century. You can find books in different languages with very old covers. There are few book coffee shops as well. Drinking coffee while reading book is the most pleasure thing.

Nguyen Van Binh book street

Nguyen Van Binh book street – Internet

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Brown Nguyen

Brown Nguyen


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