Best time to travel to Vietnam and Cambodia

Vietnam is so close to Cambodia that a bus 6-hour can bring you from here to there, so the weather of both is quite similar, just the time for festivals is different. Anybody has intention to visit Vietnam will type the first question in Google: When is the best time to visit? In this article, I will tell you when you should come to Vietnam and Cambodia for travelling.

Sapa Rice Terrace – Internet

First of all, just come to Vietnam whenever you get the holiday. it means the best time to visit is whenever of the year or it depends on how you would like to have your vacation. That’s because Vietnam spreads more than one thousand miles from Sapa in the north to Mekong Delta in the south. Weather from north to south is very different.
The north has four seasons with its typical. Therefore, pick the best time to visit depends on destinations. For example, the best time to visit Halong Bay is the whole year except June and July as storms often come to Northern Gulf and affect your Halong Bay trip badly.

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 From March to May or August to November are considered as perfect choices for visit Halong Bay, as it earlier or later than storms. However, if you have no option, and have to go to Halong bay on June or July, you should book tour from agents to limit disadvantages of that time.
 In general, spring and autumn are good for travel in the north of Vietnam. However for places like Sapa, people will prefer come there in winter as you may see snow and enjoy quiet romantic Sapa under the fog. The best time to visit Sapa also falls in end of August and beginning of September. This time, a bright yellow covers all of terraces.

Mekong Delta – Brown Nguyen

The south in contrast, has only 2 seasons: rainy and dry season. Where can go in rainy or dry seasons? For Mekong Delta, you must visit on flooding season which is rainy season as well. Floading season enrich for Mekong delta with fish, shrimp, seafood, crops…and tourists can enjoy the beauty of vast rivers when seating on dinghies so this is the best time to visit Makong Delta. It is easy to have a one-day Mekong Delta tour from Ho Chi Minh with affordable price, you can book at
In dry season, go to islands will be a wise choice. Such as Phu Quoc or Con Dao. The best time to visit Phu Quoc is from October to March. 
Now you know when you can come to visit Vietnam. The north will be wonderful in Spring and Autumn, furthermore, festivals usually celebrate on Spring. From August till November, storms normally come with rain and heavy winds. In the other hand, if your trip falls out of this time, you still can enjoy in other ways as mentioned above.

Cambodia – Brown Nguyen

From Ho Chi Minh, it just take you 6 hours to arrive to another country: Cambodia. For tourists required visa, you can do e-visa or visa on arrival easily to enter the kingdom of templesThe best time to visit Cambodia is from November to February of next year. This time, the weather is cozy, not too hot and has little rain. On April, there will be Khmer New Year so you can enjoy many traditional festivals of them. Mid-November every year is the time of the procession and sailing festival.
Brown Nguyen
Brown Nguyen


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