Don’t lose your money at Koh Kong: Cam-Thai border

If you want to entry Cambodia from Thailand at Koh Kong border then think again!
I am Vietnamese, I don’t need visa for Cambodia and I came there few times before so everything for me is so easy. However I come with a friend from India, he wants to go Cambodia from Thailand by bus. And my friend never thinks that it would be such a nightmare.



First about the visa price, we come to know that the price has been raised 4 months ago up to $37, we didn’t have another way so we accepted. But here even you have visa you could not pass is a popular thing. They will tell you something like “your country is in black list, they come my Cambodia then don’t come out (Sounds like Cambodia recently attracts so much people from other countries) I can not let you go, come back Thailand and buy flight tickets…” For my friend, first they said he needs to show off his money, at least $500, then my friend showed them and they raised the money up to $1000 – $3000 (We wondered is it America??) He tried to scare my friend by saying again and again that he could not pass, back to Thailand and he got us away, stopped us talking to him.

You will see a man with title: “Immigration information” seat right out side, of course you come to him and ask for help. He will tell you: “well, your countries recently is in black list, it is hard to get in Cambodia, you should pay an extra money about $50-$60..” then my friend was angry and the agent screamed” look, this is your problem, not mine, if you need help, you have to listen, I don’t need to hear from you” We were very upset because we knew this office is in a huge corruption, they cooperate together. I asked for help from a driver, I borrowed his cellphone to call for Indian embassy. The woman from embassy wanted to talk to the man who did not let us go. He was afraid when we said to him talk to the embassy. After that he called us again tried to show off his anger by beating the table. He accepted to talk finally. The woman from Indian embassy talked to him in Cambodian language, she screamed something we did not understand. Finally we got the permission but he tried to make it hard by changing the stamp to “employment not permitted” and reduce the date of visa from 1 month to 10 days. But it is ok, we don’t want to stay longer here, and definitely don’t want to come back. Just look the way they are at work: they even did not wear uniform, they played game on mobile all the time even people were bagging them for reconsideration, they scared tourists by saying bad word, they were angry when did not get black money That was a very bad impression about Cambodia. When we were in the bus back to Vietnam, we talked to some guys from Europe and they had to paid $60 extra (their countries are also in black list???), so many tourists lost their money to cross the border.
So our advises are:
1. If you have to go to Cambodia by Koh Kong border, prepare yourself: e-visa seems safer, phone number of your embassy and some money to show off if they ask for
2. Don’t be afraid of them, call your embassy when they try to make you hard
3. Search information carefully, about the price of visa and everything. 

Brown Nguyen

Brown Nguyen


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