Hoi An – The best town on earth


Hoi An Town - Internet

Hoi An Town – Internet

Hoi An is only 40km far from central of Da Nang, so after days relaxing in Da Nang, I decide to rent a motor and ride head to Hoi An, enjoy this beautiful antique town for a day and night. With usual speed around 40km/h, it takes me 40 min to arrive including time stop by a broken rice shop for breakfast. The road is very nice and easy to drive, sometime I even can say hello or wave to others tourist biker. City with high buildings is backing and large paddy field appears. You can use google map as me to find the way. Hoi An is very calm and tiny town. Mostly tourists visit the central market to see ancient houses and the gentle river.


I am so fascinated by the structure and color of Hoi An, you will feel like you lost into another era. There are tiny, yellow, closed houses on narrow streets, everything is so lovely, tidy and antique.

Hoi An Embroiding- Brown Nguyen

The girl is concentrating on her embroidering work- Brown Nguyen

I decide to stop by an embroider shop to see how this sophisticated art is. Wow, can you imagine a girl will keep her eyes on a piece of cloth and embroider for the whole day? she must be so focus and careful. The content of this art will be about Vietnamese lifestyle or village and festival. So interesting!.

After leaving the shop, I step toward the Japanese Bridge and enjoy its ancient. If you want to cross, must by ticket so I decide to only look from distance. Mostly tourists buy ticket to can have pictures on this antique bridge.

Beautiful Japanese Brige in Hoi An ancient town - Brown Nguyen

Beautiful Japanese Brige in Hoi An ancient town – Brown Nguyen


Hoi An is always attached with lantern. Lantern here brings a colorful fantasy corner to the town. You must buy one, wear Ao dai, and take a picture. They are all matching and very Hoi An.

Lantern street  in Hoi An - Brown Nguyen

Lantern street in Hoi An – Brown Nguyen

On trees at the river’s bank, people also hang lamps to make the sight so unforgettable.


Han River goes around the town make it more elegant and beautiful, you can rent a boat, and enjoy Hoi An with the river. Another way, some people choose bicycle to riding around, I choose walking as it is most convenient and the town is not so big.

Lamps on river bank Hoi An - Brown Nguyen

Lamps on river bank Hoi An – Brown Nguyen

Boating on the river Hoi An

Boating in the river Hoi An- Brown Nguyen

Another specialty of Hoi An is tailors. They can make you a perfect suit or Ao Dai within a night or afternoon. The price is about $100.

When I feel hungry, I don’t meet any difficulty to find a local shop sell Cao Lau, its famous food. It is kind of noodle goes along with slices of barbecue pork, pork crackling, bean sprouts, lettuce and herbs

Cao Lau - Brown Nguyen

Cao Lau – Brown Nguyen


Hoi An At night is so garish with lamps and light. You can stop by a coffee shop along the river and enjoy live bands. But remember the fairy tell about Cinderella, you should back to the hotel before 10 lol. Because shops here close early and it will be hard to find taxi in normal price.


Hoi An at night - Internet

Hoi An at night – Internet


Brown Nguyen



Brown Nguyen


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