I am old, could I travel to Vietnam?

In my opinion, Vietnam is heaven for senior travelers. Seniors tourists are very different from normal ones. They usually look for a place that is healthy environment, quiet, peaceful and close to nature. If your parents or grandparents are looking for what I am talking about, then here will be some top recommendations:

Han River, Da Nang - Brown Nguyen

Han River, Da Nang – Brown Nguyen

  1. Da Nang – the most “livable city” in Vietnam, Da Nang creates an ideal habitat for seniors because it is a beautiful and green city with beaches as well as the cleanest, safest and most attractive in Southeast Asia. On the momentum of rapid development, but this place retains the peaceful rhythm of life. Come here you can see Han River gently flows through the city, wide sidewalks for morning exercises. Climate is ideal, warm but not too hot with gentle sea breezes. Living stands is high, the cost is not so expensive. From Da Nang, you can go to Hue, Hoi An ancient town, and My Son sanctuary for travel.

Da Lat road - Brown Nguyen

Da Lat road – Brown Nguyen


Pine Forest Da Lat – Brown Nguyen


  1. Da Lat– the best weather for living. A century ago, Yersin – the doctor discovered Da Lat as the most ideal resort city. Since then, Da Lat still holds the title with its advantages of cool climate all the year, lovely scenery and romantic Xuan Huong Lake. Especially in the city of a thousand flowers, the climate would be very suitable for garden lovers or farming. Hiking around Xuan Huong Lake, worship in many pagodas such as Truc Lam, Linh Phuoc, Linh Phong, Linh Son…are exciting and appropriate activities for seniors.

Phu Yen - Internet

Phu Yen – Internet

  1. Phu Yen – warm local people. Phu Yen has green immense fields beside many famous sights like O Loan lagoon, Ganh Da Dia, Vung Ro, Huong Tich pagoda … that make many people ecstatic. Charming scenery and honest people make this land a beauty place for seniors.
    Older people living here will not feel lonely as they can easily go sightseeing around the city or even just take a dip in the sea every morning. Phu Yen is famous for bánh xèo mực, cơm gà lá é, bắp nướng mắm đục … and enjoying delicacies is very joyful for the old age.

Con Dao - Internet

Con Dao – Internet

  1. Con Dao – the most mysterious and glamorous island of planet.

Con Dao still now maintains clean environment, untouched nature and wonderful beaches. This island will be perfect for seniors who love the sea or need a healthy environment for good health. Moreover, seafood here is famous with some rare species such as Vu Nang snails, or Mat Trang crabs. Besides its natural beauty, Con Dao is also a historical scene which will revive old memories of those who went through the bullets and bombs in the war period. I am sure almost seniors loves history with its majestic stories.

Tam Dao - Internet

Tam Dao – Internet

  1. Tam Dao – National Park

Tam Dao is considered as Da Lat of the north with more than 1000m above sea level, Tam Dao remains cool weather even in the extremely hot weather summer of the north. Tam Dao was first discovered by French in the end of 19th century. Therefore, about 200 villas, hotels, restaurants, sport clubs, swimming pools, discos were built but maintains less today. Seniors will feel comfortable with quite atmosphere, slow pace of like, and joyful weather of Tam Dao. People said that Con Dao has four seasons in a day and with the special weather, vegetables grown here have delicious taste.

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Brown Nguyen


Brown Nguyen


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