Top 10 places to visit in Siem Reap Cambodia

I have been in Siem Reap so many times and I never get bore with this land as there are so many interesting things to do. Let me tell you top 10 places to visit when you travel to Siem Reap, Cambodia:

1 – Angkor Wat Temple – the world cultural heritage by UNESCO

The first place should be mentioned as the best tourist attractions, you will have opportunity to admire the temple with great architectures that demonstrates the talent of the local ancient Khmer. Just look closer to the Cambodian flag, you can see Angkor Wat Temple appears majestically. Angkor is the symbol and proud of the Cambodian people. The temples worship Vishnu and it is preserved in the best condition. Therefore, Angkor is known as the heart of regional religion. You can admire the whole complex of Angkor Wat Temple by balloon in sunrise or sunset. I am sure you can’t hold yourself in front of the spectacular sight. In order to getting Angkor Wat Temples from Siem Reap, there are two main roads including Sivatha Boulevard and Pokambor road, next stage are Charles De Gaulle and Tusamuth which leads to Angkor Wat in the end. You can travel by tuk tuk or taxi, or even bicycle with only $2 per day and the entry ticket is $40.

2 – Visiting Cambodian Landmine Museum

After Angkor Wat, the Landmine Museum is also a tourist attraction in Siem Reap. When visiting the museum, visitors will learn about the weapons, landmines in war. You may feel a little bit scare about the imagination of landmines all around you and able to explode anytime but you can learn a ton of what they look like, how to use them, who make them etc…

3 – Artisan D Angkor –  the center of handicraft production

If you are a handicraft lover and you are in Siem Reap, Artisan D Angkor is a place to must visit – the center of handicraft production in Siem Reap.

Artisan D’Angkor is the repository and development Khmer art through production of handicraft items. The staff here are well trained in the skills of weaving silk, crafting and painting the wood items like boxes which are hand painted, very extraordinary the paintings of Bayon temple, Angkor wat, jewelry which was crafted as well as ceramic work. This is the great place to appreciate local handicraft and enjoy the natural smell from natural products!

4 – Cambodian Old Market

This market is the real Cambodian life and a mix of souvenirs for the tourists and food products and clothing for locals, located right in the heart of town, right near Pub Street & the cafes & restaurants, usually open from 5 Morning till 6 Afternoon. Old Market is not that big so it’s easy to navigate & you will find everything you really need in one location. Usual touristy stuff like are sold here such as t-shirts, bags, pants, ornaments…but also has fresh food, fruits & vegetables. Especially the outer ring is full of souvenir stuff and seems aimed at tourists. But the inside is where food is sold to locals and it’s very interesting to observe the dynamics and look around.

5 – Rolling in the lively atmosphere in Pub Street at night

Pub street is the most exciting street of all, fantastic foods, drinks and shopping, a must visit by all my most favorite cities and place to hang out with friends. It is the street for parties and rock up. You can hear noise from live bands playing many kinds of music and shout of cheers from drinkers. With only 50 cents for a draught beer or even cheaper you can get drunk a little and back to hotel by plenty of tuk tuk drivers around.

6 – Visit a floating village from Siem Reap: a great break from seeing temples

If you feel full after seeing so many temples in Siem Reap and look for something different then you can visit the floating village. It takes you about 40 min to 1 hour to archive. The two most famous village of Kompong Phluk and Kompong Khleang. Tourists can visit these villages by small boats. These villages are traditional Cambodian river community that based on the Tonle Sap River for years and the best time to visit is in flooding season. I was invited a lunch full of fresh fish caught from the river, steamed with some local herbal vegies in a floating cottage among the river, experience life floating on the river of the Cambodian people. One tip is admire the river at sunset from your boat, this may be the best place for sunset in the world with stunning view from the reflection of water.

7 – Walking through “1000 Linga River”

Located in Phnom Kulen National Park, it takes only about 49 km from the north, “1000 Linga River” is an archaeological and a popular tourist destination in Cambodia. It is known as a holy river, the riverbed was carved and sculpted by many versions of Linga – the symbol of Shiva, Buddha reclining, lotus flower of Brahma and dancing Apsara. Especially, in the summer, the water lever is as high as your ankle, so you can cross and admire looming sculpture.

8 – Enjoy the impressive circus performances at Phare

Performances at Phare – a famous circus and theater in Siem Reap, are often the combination of traditional and modern culture, the show usually revolves around variety themes such as love, family life, discrimination, gender, and even the consequences of war. The performances here are very innovative, exciting and the best in Cambodia.

9 – Buffee and Apsara dance at Kullen II Restaurant

A little bird tell me this restaurant has the most beautiful Apsara dance in Siem Reap. The both food and show cost you only $12 and if you get from tuk tuk driver or hotel it is only $10. The show lasts for about one hour and you can take pictures free as much as you want.

10 – Visit Angkor Night Market

Angkor Night Market opens from 4PM, you will be surprised by its color and dynamics. Selling at the market are variety products but mainly concentrate on clothing, scarves and souvenirs such as Buddha statue, Bayon face 4-side statue, Apsara statue which made of stone, wood or brass…

Women are mostly attracted by clothes and scarf which are mainly imported from Thailand, but the price is cheaper. Under 5 dollar, you can get yourself a nice dress with quite good quality. Scarves are made in Cambodia as it is their traditional scarf called Krama. Krama is not only for wrapping neck from cold wind, wiping sweat, and making belt but also sometimes used as Cambodian Sarong for both genders. Krama price is from $1 to $5, depends on how much you could bargain.

Brown Nguyen

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