Vietnam holiday for low-budget travelers

Vietnam is always one of the most attracted lands to tourists with its unique landscapes, friendly local folks, amazing cuisine and cheap price. I understand that nowadays, wealthy people travelling is just a minor number. The majority is backpackers or travelers who look for real experience in minimum cost as usually, they are students or bloggers, quit-job-for-travelling people…Let find out how to make Vietnam trips on the cheap?


The most important tip ever: Stay away from tourist attracted destinations

Apparently, cheap holiday package to Vietnam is cheap only when the price is not for tourist but for local. However some people will think that if not go to tourist places, then what the point of travelling is since these places are considered as the best. Actually, you can go to some areas nearby where have the same beautiful scene but less famous and of course much cheaper.


Ho Chi Minh City: Don’t stay in downtown, district 5 or 3 is interesting the same and cheaper.

I can see people always book a room in foreign streets like Pham Ngu Lao, Bui Vien…in district 1, downtown of Ho Chi Minh. The price in district 1 is usually higher than other districts for many reasons. District 3, 4, 5 or Tan Binh is nearby, and still has many things to see with almost a half cheaper. For example, a beef noodle in district 1 will be around $2, but only $1 in an alley of district 3. You can see in the map and decide where you would like to stay, but district 1 is the most luxury one.


Instead of Nha Trang – a very touristic place, you can go to Quy Nhon or Phu Yen, sea cities in the central of Vietnam as well but less famous, more natural and cheaper. Nha Trang likes a symbol of sea travel, it is very dynamic and crowded. Vietnam has a very long beach spreads out many provinces, aside from Nha Trang, Quy Nhon or Phu Yen has the same beauty.


Besides, not eating in restaurant is a way to reduce the cost and get Vietnam trips on the cheapest. Don’t think that in restaurant you can enjoy the true taste of local food. Actually, it is street food from street vendors. It is believed that many street shops has opened for decades are the ones maintain the best taste of Vietnamese cuisine. It is easy to recognize them, there will be shops which many local as customers and it’s usually not in the big road.


Another tip is travel by tour. Normally, there are small group and big group, and when people travel in group, the cost will surely decreased. If you don’t have much time in a city, then 1-day tour will be a good option, check it out the tour and price you want to at You can see a Ho Chi Minh Foodie tour is only $35 or a Cu Chi Tunnel tour is a $37. Moreover, in, you can book long-day tours cover all the country by theme, for instance, Vietnam and beach holiday is about $899 for 12 days or all the most famous destinations of Vietnam combined on a tour named Luxury Majestic Holidays in 9 days. Definitely, if you don’t have problem with following tour guide, explore places with well preparation, travel by group, then booking tour will be great to have cheap holiday packages in Vietnam.

Brown Nguyen

Brown Nguyen


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