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Few months ago I met a group of students come from Columbia. They just  graduated from high school and spent a gap year for travelling and learning things before entering college. Because they spent about two months in Vietnam, I asked which places they like most and their answers should be objectives recommendations about the best places to have unforgettable Vietnam tours for young adults.


Notre Dame church Ho Chi Mih City – Image Source: internet

“I am a foreigner, if I can live long time in Vietnam, it will be Ho Chi Minh City for sure” There is no doubt that Ho Chi Minh or Saigon is the most international city of Vietnam which is foreigners can travel or live there conveniently. Basically, Ho Chi Minh City has all kind of foods and things from different areas of Vietnam and even famous countries. If you are home sick as missing German beer, there is a real taste of German beer located on Ho Con Rua. If you miss talking with your countryman, go to Bui Vien, one of the foreign street triangle (Bui Vien, Pham Ngu Lao, De Tham), you will not think you are in Vietnam, the street is full of foreigners. Seating down a drinking shop in sidewalk, you easily talk to people around and make friends. Young adults love dynamic night life and Saigon is the place of clubs – hubs – bars. Saigon likely never sleep, you still can find a drinking shop, club or bar at 2AM. Therefore, it is always on the top of places to visit for young adults.

nha trang beach

Nha Trang beach – Image Source: internet


I can see the common gusto of young adults is the sea and marine activities. Nha Trang is the most suitable sea city for young dynamic people. From Nha Trang, you can catch a boat or cable car riding to Vinpearl land – amusement paradise island. There are so many fun things there to try: Water Park which is a big hit including the craziest thrilling games ever, aquarium, indoor play, world games, fairy garden, kid paradises …Vinpearl land is the fantastic place for kids and young adults. Besides, scuba diving or windsurfing is voted the most interesting activity to do in Nha Trang. Nha Trang owns the most beautiful coral reef of Vietnam along with deep clean blue ocean that make it becomes the best sea paradise.

mu cang chai

Mu Cang Chai – Image Source: Internet

For young people who love countryside and nature, Mu Cang Chai is absolutely for you!

Mu Cang Chai is a mountain district of Yen Bai province which is well known for rice terraces. “Spectacular view” is the word you think of when you arrive. You’ll see peaceful ethnic minority villages, rugged mountains, rushing rivers, countless waterfalls, and endless rice paddies. Homestay with an ethnic family, renting a motor, biking on the mountain and seeing the yellow rice fields across the hills are the musts to get to know Mu Cang Chai. Young adults, let make an adventure there!

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