Why Vietnam but not other countries in Southeast Asia?

Among countries of Southeast Asia, Vietnam has emerged as an outstanding and attractive land with its advantages of landscapes, people, food, custom, tradition and so on. Why not country neighbors such as Laos, Thailand, Cambodia but Vietnam, I am going to tell you the truth.


#1 Easy immigrant process is an open door for everyone

Vietnam visa is just 5 min in the airport for laziest people don’t want to go embassy. Yes it is true, with $100 for agent, you may got 3-month visa or $500 for a year. Save the money by applying yourself online to get the letter and pay proper price at arrival is a way to practice economy. Of course, if you are from Southeast, it is absolutely free.

#2 The hidden charm and breathless landscape stretch from North to South

I always proud to say to international friends that my country has everything: mountain, beach, highland, bay, river, field, cave, desert and so on. That is a favor that Mother of Nature offers to Vietnam. Many of them have been known as World Heritage Site: Halong Bay, Phong Nha Ke Bang caves, Hoi An Ancient Street and Cham Islands for their amazing beauty. Besides, there are many hidden places as hidden charms which are not yet well known but still no-name beauty of Vietnam: Phu Yen, Nam Du, Con Dao…

#3 The most happiest and peaceful country in the world


Being in Vietnam you have nothing to worry about terrorist, attack, bomb, war and so on because the politic situation here is stable, Vietnamese people are gentle and friendly. You can hanging out in late night or travel to rural areas of Vietnam in safety. Especially, Vietnam is the World’s fifth happiest country in the world so that you can imagine how leisure life here is.

#4 The cheapest price for the best quality

Under one dollar for a real Vietnamese coffee and free ice tea, one or two dollar for a lunch with Pho or beef noddle, about one dollar for a beer just make tourists come to Vietnam crazily happy. For accommodation, if you are backpacker, dorm is only 5 dollar and one-night resort international 4-star will cost only 100 dollar. If you are living here for long time, a rent room and cooking food yourself will be under 250 dollar. Vietnam is a perfect place for every kinds of budget!

#5 Vietnamese culture and tradition

Vietnam was dominated by Chinese for such a long time till French came and disseminated their culture. People said every cloud has a silver lining, featured tradition and culture is a typical proof. Vietnam has hundred festivals all year round. The most important one is Tet holiday (Lunar New Year) which people make Chung cake, Tet cake, family union and looking for a New Year with luck and happiness. Furthermore, Vietnam is the place where diversity and modern are harmonious. Diversity expresses by ethnics,languages, cultures, customs, languages, festivals, and religions and beliefs.

#6 Local folks

vietnamese people

A foreigner told me that the most interesting thing about Vietnam is friendly folks everywhere. You can do an experiment by going to a coffee shop or park, Vietnamese easily make friend and talk openly to you not like other countries, people are afraid of foreigners, shy or unself-confident. Different areas of Vietnam are famous for their hospitality such as Hue is well-known for sweet and polite attitude and voice, Mekong Delta is famous for super generous, and real Hanoi folks are very elegant. Moreover, Vietnamese speak English quite good compared to others and they are always willing to help you around.

#7 One of the best coffee in the world

Yes, that’s true. It is interesting that many people coming back for the Vietnamese coffee. It is so strong, so passionate, and so coffee. This coffee will blow your mind, keep you awake all day and make you missing so much if you don’t have it in the morning. Vietnamese make the coffee by Vietnamese coffee press. Coffee will be mixed with sweetened condensed milk which is sticky and very thick. Try it one time, and you will never able to forget!

#8 Unique cuisines


Food and food and food that is one of the main reasons we travel. In Vietnam, your taste is going to surf from surprise to surprise. If you eat “bun bo, banh xeo, banh khot, banh uot, canh bun, goi cuon, banh trang” of the south, then when you eat “banh can, hu tieu, bun cha ca, mi quang, cao lau, banh bot loc, banh nam, com hen” you have to say: “such a country with so many kinds of food” but this is not the end. Going to the north, try “bun moc, pho, bun cha, cha ca La Vong, banh da cua, bun dau mam tom” you will feel like in another country as the taste is quite different. Banh mi and Vietnamese coffee are in top of the list food and beverage around the world which you can find in any sidewalk and area Vietnam.

#9 Wi-Fi is everywhere

Yes, internet is very important that you can connect to the world, especially whom work online while traveling. Believe me as I have been listening to so many foreigners gave complement about Vietnam internet including both 3G and Wi-Fi. In any coffee shop or restaurant, you can get fast speed Wi-Fi. Sim card is easy to purchase in any shop without registration and an unlimited 3G package costs you only 3 dollar, so totally with around 6 dollar, you have a Sim card with unlimited internet. One secret revealed is that you can download an app in your phone which allows you hack Wi-Fi password of nearby shop. Therefore, Vietnam is a heaven of free Wi-Fi and fast internet connection.

#10 Curiosity about history


 Vietnam is enclosed with an outstanding and painful history. This is absolutely true through glorious victories against America, French, China, Japan…That brings  a curiosity about how come a small country could ever do that. This question makes tourists come to find out. The long history gives Vietnam a lot of historical sites as well as museums throughout the country.

Brown Nguyen

Brown Nguyen


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